For over 30 years, the leadership at HoldTight® Solutions has operated from the principle that economic success and community well-being are inextricably linked to the stewardship of our environment. The HoldTight® mandate to be a leader in corporate sustainability is in alignment with our global network of Distributors and the customers they serve across a wide range of industries. We are committed to the mission of integrating environmental practices and sustainability principles into our core business strategy as a business partner, an employer, a member of the communities we serve, and as an environmental steward. With thoughtful action and sustainable considerations, we will be a stronger business, more valued supplier, and a leader for a better future for generations to come.

At HoldTight®, sustainability is a business method that ensures safety, efficiency and product quality throughout the supply chain. It is the way we manage and operate our business to best serve our Distributors and their customers, consider environment impact of our decisions, maximize our global reach and drive long-term prosperity.

As an eco-friendly product, we have made it our practice to align our daily operations decisions and business performance with a commitment to environmental, social impact and community stewardship encompassing three elements:

Reduce the environmental footprint of our operations.

  • Transport goods in a manner that minimizes community and environmental impacts.
  • Reduce fuel, energy, water and other resources needed to move HoldTight® products to the degree possible, including using Distributors for geo-specific product delivery wherever feasible.
  • Strive to manage the HoldTight® supply chain in consideration of environmental effects and good governance.

Support sustainable product usage.

  • Collaborate with distributors and customers to consider social, economic and environmental effects of their projects.
  • Inspire infrastructure, marine, automotive and pipeline maintenance to maximize resource usage and minimize environmental impact.

Engage openly on sustainability issues.

  • Communicate regularly with customers, employees and external stakeholders on sustainability issues, goals and efforts.
  • Collaborate on opportunities for customers, suppliers, and employees to consider and implement sustainability practices wherever reasonably practicable.
  • Supporting the communities in which we operate through charitable donations and environmental education. Our community engagement and donation policy centers on the communities of our Distributors and non-profit programs as elected by our Executive Management.